Möbius ISR

A constellation powered by AI and driven by progress.

Möbius is a technology platform constellation of AI-enabled nanosatellites that can be repurposed to perform variety of tasks making them highly scalable. The current Möbius ISR mission can perform persistent reconnaissance of ocean-based assets from space. Möbius nanosatellites can perform analysis in-orbit, reducing the volume of transmitted data to earth, increasing the rate of data flow for time sensitive missions.


Persistent Ocean Reconnaissance

Infused with our Operating System and AI SDK, Möbius ISR constellation is can detect, track, and monitor ocean-based assets. Targeted towards government agencies and enterprise entities, the Möbius SaaS provides access to real-time Maritime data, downlinked continuously from Möbius ISR in orbit.

Limited ability to perform persistent reconnaissance of coastlines and shores leads to a “maritime blindness”.


Critical Intelligence at your fingertip

Möbius ISR provides low-cost, high frequency asset tracking, critical in maritime surveillance, disaster management and ecosystem monitoring and further feeds situational awareness systems to augment their performance.


Multi-Domain Sensor Network

With a particular focus on illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing and trafficking, Möbius provides actionable data that is cost effective for government agencies, including coastal nations for whom IUU is particularly detrimental


Its sensor rich platform and AI optimized computer enables Möbius to take on various roles


Powerful yet Cost Effective

A constellation of 3U and 6U nanosatellite infused with inter-satellite communication links, multi-spectral space sensors and ionVortex AI processor makes the Möbius Constellation scalable, effective and cost-effective.

Each purchase of Stack includes six months of free support and lifetime free content and bug-fix updates.

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Möbius is available throughout Canada. For detail please contact the Space Systems Team.

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