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New Space Industry

Space industry is growing fast, and smaller companies are gaining footprint in the traditionally state run sector. As the access to space is becoming more affordable, thanks to innovative technologies in launch services, more organizations and institutions are looking into space to solve issues that mankind is facing.

Agriculture, marine life, telecommunication, Maritime safety and security and climate change are only a few examples. As the applications for space systems expand, the requirements and demands for such missions increase. New space companies are SMEs that are filling the void in the market by developing and producing cutting edge technologies faster than ever. They have lower over heads which leads to a development of products at a reduced cost.

New space industries are growing and in order to foster this ecosystem, the support of Canadian government and lawmakers remains crucial.


About GALAXIA Mission Systems

GALAXIA Mission Systems is a space technology company with hardware and software manufacturing focus, headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our primamry products include AI Software development for space applications and design and manufacturing On-Board Computers (OBC) for small and nanosatellites. These OBCs are designed to efficiently run neural network algorithms onboard small satellites. GALAXIA’s vision is to develop intelligent satellites that are capable of performing highly complex tasks in-orbit, creating a true spaceborne edge-AI spacecrafts. Edge-AI spacecrafts are able to analyze data and make decisions in-orbit, reducing the reliance on highly congested communication links, and increasing situational awareness of the operators on the ground, and maximizing the efficiency in the critical decision-making process

Our Hardware Product

GALAXIA’s flagship product is its proprietary ionVortex OBC. The IonVortex is the 1st OBCs in the industry that utilizes the use of Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to further optimize the computation of neural network algorithms onboard the satellite. It employs multiple Arm® Cortex® processor with an NPU operating at up to 2.3 TOPS. The board further employs techniques such as dynamic frequency shifting to dynamically control and mitigate overheating, dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) inline error correction code (ECC) and ECC on on-chip RAM to mitigate Single Event Upset (SEU) issues that are common in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) electronics.

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Our Software Product

GALAXIA’s current major project is the Mobius ISR system, which is a turnkey spaceborne Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solution. Mobius ISR utilizes the state-of-the-art hardware design of the IonVortex to perform real time object recognition and tracking with a high-resolution HyperSpectral Imager (HSI) sensor as a payload using nanosatellites in LEO. Nanosatellites are significantly smaller than typical ISR spacecrafts such as the RADARSAT or RCM.

Our Mobius ISR System is only available to eligible government agencies - Currently limited to Canada and USA.

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