AI optimized software defined satellites pushing limits of space technology

Learn about Möbius ISR Constellation

Supercharging your space mission

Introducing the ionVortex On-Board Computer (OBC). We are delivering the world’s first modular OBC designed to efficiently run your AI algorithms onboard small satellites.


Möbius ISR Constellation

The Möbius ISR Constellation is a built using GALAXIA's proprietary technologies is a technology platform aimed at Earth Observation. These real-time, highly intelligent satellites can identify, track and monitor movements of surface vessels across the ocean

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Built to Perform


Power Efficient

Low power consumption is ideal for power limited and thermally sensitive missions.


Various CPU Options

Fine tuning your board’s performance has never been easier using our modular System on Chip design


Fast Deployment

ionVortex eliminates the cost and complexity of ASIC designs, and enables fast field deployment


Vision Optimized

Use our GPU enabled SoCs to rapidly develop your edge vision application. Ideal for high-altitude reconnaissance and LEO observation


AI Compatible

Our Cortex-M® Series are designed for Machine Learning(ML) & Deep ML applications. Bring your computation from core to the edge of your network in space.


Cloud Enabled

Your data is a click away. We are Google Cloud® and Amazon AWS® partner, Our ground segments can deliver your data from the node, right to your database on the cloud.

Designed to Last

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